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2018 December - President's Message - So Long...; Ragnar-Loki Remembrance; Central & Northeast Ambassador Ride; Quarterly Meeting Minutes; Motoring Our Marque to Marquam - NW Ambassadors Ride Report

2018 November - President's Message - The Time Is Now: Be Wise, Winterize; European Alps Tour; Our Amaizing Ride to Sauvie Island - NW Ambassador Ride; BMW Riders Donate $20k to Grant County Organizations.

2018 October - President's Message - Penny Wise & Pound Foolish; A Ride Out to the Drive-In - NW Ambassador Ride; 3rd Quarter Meeting Minutes; Walton Lake Campout and Quarterly Meeting.

2018 September - President's Message - There's An App For That!; Coming Events; A Winding Ride to Windy Ridge; The Four-Point Restroom; In Memoriam: Gary A. Thye.

2018 August (Revised)

2018 July

2018 June

2018 May -

2018 April - President's Message - Tips On Becoming A Better Rider – Part 1; Coming Events; Editor’s Appreciation; Oregon Back Country Discovery Maps Available; Chief Joseph Rally Poster; BMW MOA National Rally Poster; March, 2018 CW Ambassador Ride; Mountain Loops and Covered Bridges
NW Ambassadors Ride Report – March 2018.

2018 March - President's Message - Motorcycle Myths That Live On, And On…; Coming Events; In Memory of Doug Barbour Aug. 15, 1942 – Sept. 25, 2017; Oregon Back Country Discovery Maps Available; Volunteer is Needed for Club Treasurer; CW Region Co-Ambassador Ride Report – February 2018; February in Longview: Come for the Ride, Stay for the Cinnamon Roll NW Ambassadors Ride Report – February 2018.

2018 February - President's Message - "Give Me a "Brake" Part 2 - Pads; Coming Events; Opportunity Knocks; Oregon Back Country Discovery Maps Available; 15th Annual Winter Tour Show flyer; BMW MOA Rally flyer; BMWRO Quarterly Membership Meeting Minutes; From the Editor's Pen; A Winter Ride in Farm Country NW Ambassadors Ride Report – January 2018.

2018 January - President's Message - "Give Me a "Brake" Part 1 - Fluids; Coming Event; Chief Joseph Rally (CJR) Survey / Coordinator Sign-Up; Three Flags and BMWMOA Mini Rally at Sedona, AZ—2017; ♫We’re Just Riders in the Rain…♫ NW Ambassadors Ride Report – December 2017.

2017 December - President's Message - Ireland – A Totally Splendid Place; Coming Events; Bucket-List Odyssey by Mark Collier; Central Western Ambassador Ride Report November 11th;
ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES November 18th; Northwest Ambassador's Ride Report November 2017.

2017 November - President's Message - The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Practice; Coming Events; Letters to the Editor; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride September 30th; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride October 7th; Hansen's Motorcycles 45 Years of Service; Central Oregon Ambassador Rides; A Dash To Dine In Dufur NW Ambassador's Ride Report October 2017

2017 October - President's Message - Group Rides & Managing Risks; Coming Event; BMWRO Business Meeting Minutes 0f September 23, 2017; Smell of Old Oil and Grease; Jim and Dan's Almost Excellent Adventure; An Unlikely start for a new rider; NW Ambassador's Ride Report September 2017;

2017 September - President's Message - Motorcycle Hacks Part II; Coming Events; Nomination Request for club officers; 2017 Ride the Tires Off Contest is ending; Donate your Eclipse Glasses; Solar Eclipse Campout; Central Western Group Ride Report; Women Riders Campout; NW Ambassadors Ride Report.

2017 August - President's Message - Motorcycle Hacks Part 1; Coming Events; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride, July 2017; Nominations and Upcoming Election; R1200 GS & GSA Fork Tube Update; Range of Light Gypsy Tour flyer for the Northern California BMW club; 2017 Chief Joseph Rally Recap; Tewksbury's 5th Annual Cookout; and NW Ambassadors Ride Report July 2017.

2017 July - President's Message; Coming Events; 2017 EMWOR Mileage Contest; Memorial Day Campout write-ups by Linda Tewksbury and Forest McGreggor; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride May 2017; and NW Ambassadors Ride Report June 2017.

2017 June - President's Message; Coming Events; 2017 EMWOR Mileage Contest; Chief Joseph Rally Flyer; Oregon Vintage Motorcycle Show May 21st; Central Oregon Mid-Week Ride May 3rd; NW Ambassadors Ride Report May 2017; Minutes of BMWRO General Membership Quarterly Meeting April 30th.

2017 May - President's Message; Coming Events; Chief Joseph Rally Flyer; 2017 EMWOR Mileage Contest; Mohawk Valley Metric Century Bicycle Event Volunteer Request; 49'er Rally Poster; 2017 Chief Joseph Rally article and T-shirt Pre-order Information; Need for Photographer(s) at the Chief Joseph Rally; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report.

2017 April - President's Message; Coming Events; Spring Meeting and Buffet information; 2017 EMWOR Mileage Contest; Chief Joseph Rally Flyer; Mohawk Valley Metric Century Bicycle Event Volunteer Request; Southern Region Ambassador Ride; Photos by Jalene Case; Chief Joseph Rally 2017 Only the Stalwart Need Apply (a fictional story by our editor); NW Ambassadors Ride Report - March 2017.

2017 March - President's Message; Coming Events; 2017 EMWOR Mileage Contest; Keith Matteson and Jalene Case's Photo Journal from Chile; Making Healthy and Hearty Meals While Moto-Camping by Don Chase; NW Ambassadors Ride Report _February 2017 by DAve Peterson and Michael Ripley.

2017 February - President's Message; Coming Events; Golden Rider Award;Scenic Oregon Backroads Ride to the CJR; First Quarterly Meeting of the BMWRO Membership

2017 January - President's Message;
Coming Events; 2017 Pacific NorthwestFour Corners Tour; The 13th Annual Winter Tour Show; Want a Date?; Dessert Social - December 2016 at Tewksbury Social Center; NW Ambassador's Ride Report - December 2016.

2016 December - President's Message; Coming Events; Southern Region Ambassador Ride Report - November 2016; Top of the Rockies BMW Rally - 2016; Golden Rider Award (Who Can You Nominate?); NW Ambassador's Ride Report - November 2016.
2016 November - President's Message; Coming Events; Note from the Editor; BMWRO Election Results; a President's Message from October of 2007; a Chief Joseph Ride Report from August of 2008; NW Ambassadors Ride Report October 2016.
2016 October - President's Message; Voting for BMWRO Officers; BMWRO Meeting Minutes from 9-10-2016 at the Steens Campout; Steens Narrows Campout; How to Pack without Tipping Over; Election Ballot; Moonshine Campout Sept. 23-25, 016; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - August 2016.
2016 September - Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride Report - August 2016; Coming Events; NW Ambassadors Ride Report; August 2016; Walton Lake Camping Report.
2016 August - President's Message; Coming Events; We Get What We Give; Letters To The Editor; Upcoming Executive Committee Elections; Women Riders Campout 2016; Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - July 2016.
2016 July - President's Message; Coming Events; Summer Start Cookout; 2016 Rally Master Ramblings; Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report- June 2016.
2016 June - President's Message; Chief Joseph Rally Vendor List; Coming Events; Mother’s Day Ambassador Ride May 8, 2016; 2016 Chief Joseph Rally Call For Volunteers; RV Camping; Wine Tasting at Chief Joseph Rally; Cowboy Breakfast at the Rally; NW Ambassadors Ride Report- May 2016; General Meeting of the Membership
April 24, 2016.
2016 May - President's Message; Chief Joseph Rally Vendor List; Coming Events; Call for VOLUNTEERS; RV Camping and Hotel/Motel contact information; CW Ride Report; Final Goodby to a member; NW Ride Report.
2016 AprilPresident's Message; Coming Events including the Chief Joseph Rally, Walton Lake Campout and Steens Narrows Campout, and the California 49er Rally; Easter in Barichara, Columbia by Jalene Case; Into Columbia by Keith Matteson; NW Ambassadors Ride Report March 2016 by David Peterson and Michael Ripley.
2016 March - President's Message; Coming Events including the Spring Lunch & Club Meeting; Team Oregon RSP Classes; Ten Pesos for Both Bikes; Winner of the "Mystery Guy" Puzzler; BMWRO Donations for 2015/2016; Chief Joseph Rally Flyer; February Ambassador Ride Reports for Southern Region; Central Western Region and Northwest Region.
2016 February - President's Message; Minutes of the First Quarterly Meeting; Photos from the Beach Bash; Coming Events; How to Write a Story - Some Tips; Bentley's Big Adventure; Chief Joseph Rally Poster; NW Ambassador's Ride Report - January 2016.
2016 January - President's Message; Events; Membership Dues; Ambassador Program; New Oregon Motorcycle Laws for 2016; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - December 2015; Central Oregon Holiday Potluck; Central OregonTech Day.
2015 December - President's Message; A mini-Epic Adventure by Kim and Janice Dorsing; Beach Bash Register by January 4, 2016; 4th Quarter Meeting Minutes; Central Oregon Second Saturday Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report November 2015; Winter Celebration Review; Minutes of BMWRO Member’s Meeting November 21, 2015.
2015 November - Second half of Jay Bennett’s Spain adventure; Winter Celebration; The Golden Rider Award; Random photos at BMWRO Brunch; Southern Oregon October Ride; NW Ambassadors Ride Report
October 2015; Central Oregon Fall Colors Ride.
2015 October - Another GS (Geriatric Survival) Ride; A Trip in Spain; Voting Ballot; NW Ambassadors Ride Report September 2015; Minutes of BMWRO Members Meeting Sept. 12, 2015.
2015 September - South-on-a-Bike; Nominations for club Vice-President and Treasurer; Ride Reports; Appreciation for the Volunteers; Dairy Point Campout; Banking Karma; Women Rider's Campout.
2015 August - Why Jalene Case & Keith Matteson are Really Leaving the Oregon Coast; Central Oregon ride Report June 13th; Edson Creek Campout report;NW Ambassador's Ride Report for July; Blathering Truffles; Hypothermia; General Meeting Minutes of the BMWRO June 20th at Chief Joseph Rally; Cautionary Tale.
2015 July -  Harris Beach Campout in May; Chief Joseph Rally Photos; Aufderheide Ride in May; Horseshoe Campout near Steamboat; NW Ambassadors Ride Report April 2015; Central Oregon Ambassador Ride Report; Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride; BMWRO General Membership Minutes April 24, 2015.
2015 June - BMWRO So.Oregon May Ride; List of CJR Vendors; Call for Volunteers at CJR; Meet Your Central Western Region Ambassadors; CW Region Co-Ambassador Ride Report; NW Ambassador's Ride Report - May 2015.
2015 May - BMW Riders Get "Skooled" in Riding Motorcycles; April Southern Oregon Ride; Perspectives from the Pillion; NW Ambassador's Ride Report.

2015 April - Ride, Camp, Ride, Camp...Repeat; Central Oregon Region Ride for Pie on Pi Day 31415; NW Ambassador's Ride Report - March 2015; BMWRO Ambassador Central Western Region; Mysterious Gadget.

2015 March - A Profound Loss to Our BMW Community - Ozzie Auer; Annual Beach Bash 2015; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - February 2015; Central Oregon Region Report; Tech Day in Central Oregon; BMW Riders of Oregon 31 January 2015 Minutes of Members Meeting.