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BMW Riders of Oregon
BMWMOA Charter #83
BMWRA Charter #264

The BMW Riders of Oregon club is for people who have a fondness for, own, ride or have an interest in BMW motorcycles. Membership is open to all motorcyclists regardless of the brand of motorcycle they ride. We’re dedicated to the safe enjoyment of all motorcycles as vehicles to transport us to interesting places in Oregon, the West, or anywhere else in the world.

If you’re someone who considers a ride through the morning mist on a quiet motorcycle the high point of your day, then we already have something in common. Is time spent on a stormy afternoon in your garage with your bike, a handful of tools, and some new parts considered quality time for you? If so, we understand.

We have the privilege of riding in one of the most beautiful states in our country. We range from the wide open spaces of the high desert, mountains, and canyons in the east to the ocean shores and mountains in the west. We enjoy some of the most interesting places and challenging roads to be found anywhere.

Our membership is diverse. We schedule events to suit tent campers as well as those who prefer hot and cold running water nearby. Each year, we host the Chief Joseph Rally where we offer fellowship, good food, guided road and GS rides, rider skill classes, and top notch entertainment in a small western town.

So take a look around, check out what we do and where we ride, and you’ll see why we proudly say “Oregon is for riders!”


Sept 9, 2020:  Hansen's BMW dealership in Medford has been lost to fire.  This is a devastating loss to the BMW motorcycle community. The fire rages on at this time, affecting many family & friends.  BMWRO sends condolences to Craig & Connie Hansen and their staff and families. The word is that they do plan to rebuild.

Our Chief Joseph Rally 2020 was cancelled due to COVID 19.
Please join us  June 17 - 20, 2021 in John Day, Oregon for for the Chief Joseph Rally!
Voting for BMWRO President and Secretary will take place in October.  Consider taking an active role in your club by running for one of these positions.  Voting on proposed Bylaw amendments, as summarized in the August issue of Beemer Beat, will also take place in October.  Watch your email for voting instructions.  


Upcoming BMWRO Events:  Check the Event Calendar to get details.  

     Cancelled: Beach Bash!  Annual Meeting & Banquet at Driftwood Shores November 6 - 8

Covid-19 Considerations for BMWRO Events:
Campouts currently on the Event Calendar will be primarily dependent on whether the group campsite will be open for us. Since the situation is so changeable, please check the Event Calendar for each specific campout.  We'll be keeping that updated. 
⦁ Pre-registration will be required; no drop-ins.  Registration for each campout will be limited to a number that we feel we can handle for each site.  
⦁ Those attending will be required to maintain appropriate physical distancing.  Members must take responsibility to remind those who may overstep this guideline.  Those who refuse or repeatedly overstep will be asked to leave.
⦁ Please do not attend if you are sick.
⦁ Provide your own hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, and face masks and use them as needed.

  Please join us for the Chief Joseph Rally June 17 - 20, 2021