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2016 Beemer Beat Newsletters

2016 December - President's Message; Coming Events; Southern Region Ambassador Ride Report - November 2016; Top of the Rockies BMW Rally - 2016; Golden Rider Award (Who Can You Nominate?); NW Ambassador's Ride Report - November 2016

2016 November - President's Message; Coming Events; Note from the Editor; BMWRO Election Results; a President's Message from October of 2007; a Chief Joseph Ride Report from August of 2008; NW Ambassadors Ride Report October 2016

2016 October - President's Message; Voting for BMWRO Officers; BMWRO Meeting Minutes from 9-10-2016 at the Steens Campout; Steens Narrows Campout; How to Pack without Tipping Over; Election Ballot; Moonshine Campout Sept. 23-25, 016; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - August 2016

2016 September - Southern Oregon Ambassador Ride Report - August 2016; Coming Events; NW Ambassadors Ride Report; August 2016; Walton Lake Camping Report

2016 August - President's Message; Coming Events; We Get What We Give; Letters To The Editor; Upcoming Executive Committee Elections; Women Riders Campout 2016; Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - July 2016

2016 July - President's Message; Coming Events; Summer Start Cookout; 2016 Rally Master Ramblings; Ride Report; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - June 2016

2016 June - President's Message; Chief Joseph Rally Vendor List; Coming Events; Mother’s Day Ambassador Ride May 8, 2016; 2016 Chief Joseph Rally Call For Volunteers; RV Camping; Wine Tasting at Chief Joseph Rally; Cowboy Breakfast at the Rally; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - May 2016; General Meeting of the Membership April 24, 2016

2016 May - President's Message; Chief Joseph Rally Vendor List; Coming Events; Call for VOLUNTEERS; RV Camping and Hotel/Motel contact information; CW Ride Report; Final Goodby to a member; NW Ride Report

2016 AprilPresident's Message; Coming Events including the Chief Joseph Rally, Walton Lake Campout and Steens Narrows Campout, and the California 49er Rally; Easter in Barichara, Columbia by Jalene Case; Into Columbia by Keith Matteson; NW Ambassadors Ride Report March 2016 by David Peterson and Michael Ripley

2016 March - President's Message; Coming Events including the Spring Lunch & Club Meeting; Team Oregon RSP Classes; Ten Pesos for Both Bikes; Winner of the "Mystery Guy" Puzzler; BMWRO Donations for 2015/2016; Chief Joseph Rally Flyer; February Ambassador Ride Reports for Southern Region; Central Western Region and Northwest Region

2016 February - President's Message; Minutes of the First Quarterly Meeting; Photos from the Beach Bash; Coming Events; How to Write a Story - Some Tips; Bentley's Big Adventure; Chief Joseph Rally Poster; NW Ambassador's Ride Report - January 2016

2016 January - President's Message; Events; Membership Dues; Ambassador Program; New Oregon Motorcycle Laws for 2016; NW Ambassadors Ride Report - December 2015; Central Oregon Holiday Potluck; Central Oregon Tech Day